YardSignGPS is the first mobile classifieds finder that allows you to map out your neighborhood’s extant yard signs, posters, flyers, bulletin boards, and other physical markers of temporary events, services, sales, and grassroots causes, in real-time.

For those who want to search: No need to endlessly trawl the Internet or to drive around hunting for that honest second generation roofer or mason with barely any digital presence, that hard-to-find garage or bake sale, that grassroots municipal referendum, that weekend meditation class by the river, that impromptu outdoor concert or farmers market, or that walkathon for your favorite charity. With YardSignGPS, we make such invaluable word-of-mouth information conveniently searchable: simply tap on a yard sign icon, and you’ll be instantly directed to a current photo of a local event, service, sale, or grassroots cause.

For those who want to be found: No need to spend time and money on complex websites that few will see, fragmented social networks that generate no leads and violate your privacy, tiny advertising spots in print newspapers that no one reads, and paid search engine keyword algorithms that you probably do not understand. With YardSignGPS, the interface is much simpler and more transparent: take a picture of your public announcement (yard sign, poster, flyer, etc.), stake it on the map, and then let people contact you directly.

Construction / Trades

Roofers, masons, carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians, landscapers, general contractors, architects, interior designers, arborists, handymen...

Political / Advocacy

Political candidates, lobbying groups, nonprofits, referendum supporters, neighborhood watchdogs, civic or religious groups...

Garage / Yard Sale

Garage, yard, lawn, thrift, rummage, attic, moving, estate, barn, flea market, free stuff, library book giveaways, curb pick-up...


Homes, offices, rooms, apartments, equipment, garage space, warehouses, barns, land, trailers, yurts, huts, cabins, tree houses, geodesic domes...


Cars, trucks, boats, kayaks, canoes, motorbikes, tractors, bicycles, scooters, ATVs, snowmobiles, airplanes, hovercrafts, flying saucers, time machines...


Carnivals, spring fairs, open houses, book readings, restaurant weeks, birthday parties, wedding showers, BBQs, block parties, clubs, film festivals, gigs...


Charities, nonprofits, religious groups, bake sales, blood drives, benefit concerts, political campaigns, health awareness, research, dance marathons, crowdsourcing...


Marathons, bike races, martial arts classes, summer tennis camps, championship games, golf tournaments, group tai chi in the park, circuit training, zombie runs...


Lost animals, art, random epigrams, selfies, graffiti, public declarations of love, crowdsourcing for private investment, those seeking employment...


If you want to get a hold of us for any reason (support, security, press, business, jobs, bug reporting, etc.), please e-mail us at


I’m a politician. Why would I want to take a picture of my yard signs?
Well, most local elections are won via yard signs—that’s why you see them everywhere; social proof is a powerful motivator. Why not harness such a marketing opportunity and hire an intern or political operative to document your local yard signs? Only then will you have an accurate graphical depiction of your constituency.

I feel ignored by the traditional media. What can I do?
Stake a yard sign! It’s the American way, and, incidentally, the quickest and least expensive way to make a grassroots political statement go viral, especially if you are extremely conservative (Tea Party) or liberal (Green Party), or if the powers that be control the newspapers or are corrupt.

I work with my hands for a living. Why should I bother with yard signs?
Because the Internet has destroyed newspaper advertising. And who has the time and money to develop a complex, search engine optimized website, or to bother with Google’s ever changing algorithms that discriminate against those with mobile businesses? These days, physical yard signs are really the only way to market your wares. Why not document what is yours? And forget about those unctuous out-of-state lead generation companies that killed the local salesman. Take back your work!

I’m a proud soccer mom. Why should I use YardSignGPS over other apps and websites that offer customer reviews?
Because the online reviews process is statistically biased: On one hand, many positive reviews are conjured up by a given company’s employees, family, friends, paid SEO marketing consultants, or are even influenced via shady price reductions upon completion of service. On the other hand, many negative reviews are dominated by the angry few who seek to sink an otherwise exemplary business for dubious or immoral reasons. What is missing is the 95% percent who don’t bother to leave reviews. That’s why YardSignGPS stands out from the pack. Instead of incorporating faceless user reviews, we rely on posted announcements, and who better to determine the quality of a contractor than your own neighbors? We document what exists in reality.

My wife and I love to hunt for the latest garage/yard sale. How will this app help us out?
Well, rather than sorting through a text heavy list of local offerings, or driving around town wasting gas, wouldn’t it be easier to consult a convenient digital map? Conversely, if you're the one holding that big garage sale, wouldn't it be easier to geotag an on-site picture of your announcement, where you're actually holding the sale? The days of stapling hundreds of flyers onto nearby public telephone poles are over!

I want to sell my vehicle, but there’s a catch—I still need to drive the car that I am selling (at least, until I sell it). Doesn’t YardSignGPS prohibit mobile yard signs?
Given that most people stick “for sale” signs behind the windshields of their respective vehicles, we’ll make an exception here, so long as you return your vehicle to the location where you originally staked your yard sign. Please also note that this app is intended for informal one-off used vehicle sales—commercial businesses will have to look elsewhere.

I’m a commercial landlord who owns a large apartment complex. Since I always have available apartments for rent, can I post my yard signs year-round?
No, because technically, such yard signs are really substitutes for otherwise permanent signs.

Who thought of YardSignGPS?
A second-generation Philadelphia-Main Line restoration contractor (and UPenn educated city planner); and first-generation French jurist (and nonprofit fundraiser), who both realized that, with the end of print newspaper advertising, it was impossible to market their small family business to the masses. In our experience, companies that didn’t even work in the area, companies with the worst local reputations, or related, with ties to the insurance industry, were the ones who often topped the search engine lists. That didn’t seem fair, because the dominant SEO metrics favored larger companies with fixed locations. But that left out the majority of itinerant local business and ephemeral social causes that define a community. Whereas other services reify intangible concepts such as “+1,” “Like,” etc., YardSignGPS digitally records what neighbors choose to exhibit on their physical properties. It’s as American as apple pie.

Why are photos of yard signs or other public announcements (flyers, posters, affiches, bulletin boards, etc.) even necessary?
Because there is social proof that someone in your neighborhood actually hired that tradesman (and allowed him or her to stake a yard sign), supported that social cause or politician, promoted that event, etc. You are, in other words, relying on the collective wisdom of your neighbors.

Do all of my pictures need to be of yard signs?
No, but at least one of your pictures should be of a temporary public announcement (poster, flyer, affiche, bulletin board, etc.) that exists in physical space. For example, say you are a roofing contractor. First, you should take a picture of the yard sign at your job site; then, you may decide to show a few examples of your work. Alternatively, you could be a local artist or garage sale maven who prefers to pin promotional flyers onto bulletin boards. The possibilities are endless... That said, local property laws do still apply, so if you need to step on private property to obtain that perfect close-up, or if you want to staple flyers onto public telephone poles, we urge you to obtain property owner consent.

Why was my sign flagged?
Because it was one or more of the following: permanent, mobile, offensive, private, nonconsensual, irrelevant, or uninformative. That said, if you feel that your sign was unfairly flagged, please contact us at

Is there a daily flag limit?
Yes, so don’t go crazy here, lest your account may get suspended.

What exactly is spam?
You know that person who stakes hundreds of “cash for homes” signs alongside a heavily trafficked boulevard? How about that uninsured home improvement contractor who indiscriminately strafes his signs across manicured suburban grass, but has little work to show for it? Well, don’t be that guy.

Why was my account suspended?
You were that guy we mentioned above. Make sure your signs are temporary, immobile, inoffensive, public, consensual, relevant, and informative.

It would be great if I could filter signs by key term or most popular. What do you think?
Great idea. Additional social - local - mobile (SoLoMo) search features will be added in a later update—but during the meantime, we’ll first need to attract as many users as possible.

How about adding video functionality? Then I would be able to pitch my work or cause to the community.
Another great idea. Stay tuned…

What if my sign doesn’t fall within any one of your categories?
In that case, choose “other.” If we notice certain patterns, then we may add or remove categories as needed. Alternatively, if your sign could apply to two or more categories, choose the category that most accurately reflects the intent of your sign post. For example, a charity run for breast cancer awareness could be considered “fitness,” “fundraising,” “events,” or even “political/advocacy.” It’s really up to you; we’ll let the crowd decide.

I see a bug—what should I do?
Report it to!

Why are realtors banned?
Because the majority of their signs are semi-permanent eyesores. YardSignGPS instead prefers dynamic user content that reflects the random grassroots reality of a neighborhood community. That is why all sign posts expire after 60 days.

What if I don’t have a yard into which to stake my sign?
No worries—we do not discriminate against those who reside in dense urban locales. If you do not have a yard proper, then it’s perfectly OK to hang your sign from a nail or to stake it into some potted soil. Flyers and posters are also equally OK. Just make sure that at least one of your photos is of a temporary public announcement—store displays, car dealership banners, billboards, structural signs, etc. will be flagged.

Can I post a yard sign outside my shop or office for advertising purposes?
In most cases, the answer is no, mainly because such content is either too permanent (meant as a inexpensive substitute for a fixed sign) or too impermanent (updated daily). There are two exceptions, however: 1) when seeking a tenant, in which case, we would expect to see the standard “for rent” sign; or 2) when holding or promoting a public event that not is directly related to commercial activity.

What happens after my yard sign is flagged or expires?
It will be removed from the public search map. You can still review your sign post, however.

I don’t understand the filters. Why do I need them?
It’s really up to you. Some users may prefer to filter through content that they deem irrelevant, such as when a homeowner is only searching for local home improvement contractors. Related, some users may only be interested in the yard signs of those they follow.

What happens if someone follows me, or if I follow someone else?
In those cases, if you filter by “Followers” or “Following,” only the signs of those users will be visible on your search map. Conversely, if you are uncomfortable with someone following you, you have the option to make your Follower/Following links private; you can also turn off the “Accept New Followers” switch, as well as confirm or remove followers as needed.

I don’t want to share my e-mail address.
Don’t worry—all e-mail addresses are initially marked private by default.

What if I want to communicate with a fellow YardSignGPS user?
Easy. Once you tap on a given sign, you’ll see a link to that user’s profile. Tap on it. If that user has decided to share any contact details (e-mail address, phone #, or website), then you’ll only be a click away from direct contact. Related, we do not save any personal information from direct user-to-user communications—these features are all external to the app.

What if I want to share a picture of a unique yard sign?
Again Easy. Just tap on the “Sign Info” photo to bring up a bar of social networking buttons (e-mail, chat, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).

I want to include something along the lines of “Follow me on YardSignGPS” on my website or physical yard sign. Do you have any standardized graphics?
Good question. Please refer to our “press kit” link above from which you’ll be able to download a zipped folder with the following graphics: YardSignGPS icon library, YardSignGPS app icon, YardSignGPS logo, and YardSignGPS sharing icons. That said, remember that these graphics are protected, so be kind.

I can't verify my account. Help me.
Unfortunately, sometimes hypertext links do not work for first generation e-mail services (Hotmail, Yahoo!, many university e-mail addresses, etc.). If that happens, we recommend that you either cut-and-paste the verification link into your browser, or sign up with a gmail address. Related, if you haven't even received a verification link, make sure you check your spam folder.

I verified my account but the app crashes as soon as I try to log in!
No worries—we've just released a permanent fix. That said, if you haven't yet updated your phone, there is a simple short-term fix. Make sure that you haven't disallowed push-button notifications. So, for those of you who own an iPhone 5 or 5S, please go to Settings_Notifications Center_DO NOT INCLUDE LIST_YardSignGPS. Here, the alert style should be set to banner + the switches should be turned on. Now, try logging in again. It should work this time around (if not, try deleting and re-downloading the app). But, remember to allow push-button notifications if you ever see that pop-up again...

I can't stake signs!
Also, no worries. There are two possible causes: 1) you tried to stake a sign in an area with poor cell phone service (note #1: as a general rule, if you can't send a text containing a photo or purchase an app on the App Store, you probably won't be able to stake a sign); 2) you disallowed location services (note #2: please go to Settings_Privacy_Location Services_On).

Can I edit a sign once it has been staked?
Sure. Just go to your vault, select a sign, and then press "Edit." There, you'll be able to update your photos, category, and text—but make sure you tap on "Save" once you're done editing. Also, please keep in mind that you can't change the coordinates of your sign post; to do that, you'll need to stake another sign.

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